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Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten


Overview VPK Program

The goal of Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten program (VPK) is to prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Why Offer VPK?

Offering VPK at your program is a great way to keep children enrolled. The program is free to families. This can reduce the cost of care for families, keeping them at your program. For more information about eligibility requirements for families, please visit the family-focused VPK page here.

What is involved?

As a VPK Provider, you can administer to program in the following ways:

  • School Year Program (540 instruction hours)
  • Summer Program (300 instruction hours)

Provider and instructor requirements differ for the school year and summer programs. See Florida’s Office of Early Learning VPK qualifications page for more information.

Instructor Requirements

Please visit the Office of Early Learning website here, for information on VPK Instructor qualifications, or click for specific information below.

Provider Reimbursement Information

Becoming a VPK provider does not guarantee enrollment. It is always up to individual families to choose a VPK provider based on their needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

VPK Providers are reimbursed monthly for the hours they provide to VPK-funded children. This payment is based on monthly attendance records submitted by the provider.