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Provider Portal

The ELC Provider Portal is at your fingertips to easily upload documents and be up-to-date on important time-sensitive announcements regarding reimbursement and contracts. Please submit requests, such as attendance, messages, etc., via only ONE method: using the provider portal. Once you use it, you’ll see the amazing benefits! The Provider Portal is also the ONLY location where you will find information about contracts. Please take a tour today to get a feel for this efficient and effective tool and read the manual to help you get started.


ACCESS to ELC Provider Portal:


Please note that after completing your user enrollment, the system syncs information to your account overnight (syncs happen each weeknight).  Therefore, you will not see current child enrollments until the weekday following account creation (user enrollment). For example, if you enrolled today, you’ll see information related to children tomorrow.

Suggestion to Consider: Please choose a username email account that many people can access, preferably a general program email address instead of a personal email address. Then, if there are any changes to personnel, the only change will have to be the password instead of deactivating and reactivating an account.