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    In order to make sure that all School Readiness (SR) Providers are paid on time, ELCFV will use an alternate plan for the payments due to Providers each month.

    Because of the continued issues with the new portal, ELCFV will process payments based on June 2018 SR Payments.

    Once providers are able to enter attendance for the months between July and December, ELCFV will review the differences between the submitted attendance and the payments issued and process payments of the balances owed.

    If a provider owes money to ELCFV due to an overpayment, Providers will receive notice from a Quality & Compliance Representative for repayment options.

    In an effort to correct some of the inaccurate payments, ELCFV staff as begun requesting attendance from providers so that manual calculations can be completed. If your program has experienced a substantial change in enrollment since June, please contact Jenny Adams at so that your attendance can be reconciled and payment corrections can be taken care of.

    If you have a VPK program, please enter all of your attendance from August through December in the VPK Attendance portion of the portal. All of these months need to be entered by Friday, January 18th. We need to get the VPK portion corrected so that we will be ready for the release of the SR Attendance when it is functioning correctly.

    We thank all of you for your patience during this transition. We know it has been difficult and we are working hard to get it taken care of. The new portal is going to be amazing and make contracting and attendance processes much easier. It will be so worth the struggle we have experienced getting there!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Quality & Compliance staff.


    All providers doing business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or single member LLC will be mailed a Form 1099 for the year 2018 on or before January 31, 2019. Form 1099s are not provided for providers doing business as a corporation. By law 2018 Form 1099s must be postmarked by January 31, 2019. If you do not receive your 2018 Form 1099 by February 15, 2019 you may request a replacement. All requests for replacements must be in writing as outlined below:

    a. Email:

    b. Fax: 386-323-2432

    c. Mail: Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia

    Attention: Laura Gimbert

    135 Executive Circle, STE 100

    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    All requests must include:

    1. Statement that request is for 2018 replacement Form 1099

    2. Your name

    3. The business name

    4. Four digit Vendor ID number assigned by ELCFV

    5. How you would like to receive the replacement form 1099.

    Replacement forms can be:

    a. Faxed

    b. Mailed

    c. Obtained online electronically (for 2018 Form 1099s this option is valid only through September 30, 2019).

    6. Include your email address, fax number, or mailing address depending on how you would like the form delivered. If you choose to receive it electronically you will need to know the Taxpayer Identification Number that you provided to us on your form W-9.

    If any information is missing or incomplete your request may not be filled. Only complete requests for replacement 2018 Form 1099s received on or after February 15, 2019 will be honored. Please allow up to 5 business days for your request to be completed.


    Make 2019 a year to become a healthier YOU!

    Making personal and professional health a priority in the New Year will have immeasurable benefits for this year and beyond. Take the first step by exploring the supports on SharedResourcesFlorida including plans for health, vision and dental care:

    Docs by Phone

    Vision Benefits

    Dental Insurance


    All families with an eligibility of BG1 are eligible for a 90 day extension in care once their referral expires.

    Programs will be notified of extension ending dates via e-mail. The e-mail sent will include your program and the parent. The e-mail will be sent in advance so it will be necessary for you to monitor the review date so that a family is not attending your program once their services expire without prior arrangements in place. Currently you aren’t able to see review dates in the portal but hope that you will be able to in the future.


    Looking to get your CDA OR Director credentials? Daytona State College Spring Courses begins January 14th or March 18th and have classes in the Daytona, Deland, and Deltona campuses that meet just one night a week.

    DSC offers courses to:

    Renew your Staff Credential or Director Credential in just 7 weeks, fully online.

    Improve your practice by attending 15 week live classes that take place in the evenings. Choose from one of the following:

    CHD 1820 Introduction to Early Childhood (Mondays 6:00 – 7:30)

    CHD 2335 Music and Movement with Young Children (Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30)

    EEX 2080 Teaching the Exceptional Child (Thursday evenings 6:00 – 7:45)

    Earn your director’s credential in just 7 weeks fully online.

    Feel free to email Cathy at or call her on her cell at 386-852-2346 for more information. Please print this flyer to share with your staff.


    When we enroll a child in your program, their name will appear on your SR enrollment list in the portal.

    If you have a notice that they are in “Pending Acceptance” status these children will not appear on your attendance sheet until the family electronically signs the enrollment.

    We are actively contacting families to get their enrollments signed. We provide them with a step by step process and can assist them in person as needed.

    This will affect your payment, please share with your families that they need to electronically sign if you see that a child’s name is in “Pending Acceptance” status.


    Implementing the Florida Standards in Infant and Toddler Classrooms: Birth through 2 Years course is available online!

    Based on the newly revised Florida Early Learning and Development Standards, the course provides an overview of the standards used in infant and toddler classrooms serving children birth through 2 years old. It includes examples of developmentally appropriate instructional strategies for infants and toddlers throughout the training, along with information about purposeful planning, reflective practice and qualities of an effective educator.

    Online Training (5 hours) Cost:$10.00

    Register for the course on the Department of children and Families (DCF) Child Care Training System.

    For a printable flyer to share CLICK HERE!


    We know that high-quality early learning programs can change a child’s life. This is especially true for our children in the School Readiness (SR) Program. Research shows that positive teacher-child interactions improve child outcomes in kindergarten and beyond. It’s no wonder that early learning has caught the attention of our state leaders.

    During the 2018 legislative session, the Florida Legislature passed a bill (HB 1091) that increases quality and accountability in the SR Program. This legislation became effective July 1, 2018, and required the Office of Early Learning (OEL) to develop rules to implement the new requirements. Three of the new requirements SR providers can expect include:

    1. Participation in an annual program assessment with a minimum score requirement to contract for the SR Program

    2. Engagement in a quality improvement plan (if applicable)

    3. An opportunity to receive a payment differential based on program assessment scores and conducting a child assessment.

    Information about School Readiness Assessment and how it will affect your program is available! Click here to view a flyer from Florida’s Office of Early Learning and here to visit their related website page.

    Thanks for taking the time to learn more about this important subject!


    Easterseals is now scheduling ACT Now! (Autism Community Training) and ASK Now! (Autism Strategy Know How) training events for childcare staff.

    During the ACT Now Training, educators will increase the knowledge about autism spectrum disorders and learn to identify early signs and red flags. The ASK Now training also features information about autism along with strategies to assist with communication delays, sensory processing, behavior challenges, self-help and social help skills.

    CEU's are offered for any educator taking this training!

    For more information on how to sign your program up for this awesome training call 386-944-7856.