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    The Speediatrics Fun Day Festival being held on Thursday, June 29 at Keech Pediatric Neighborhood Care, 431 S. Keech Street, Daytona Beach will give kids the opportunity to get up, get active and get healthy!

    Please spread the word and join the fun on Thursday, June 29 from 10:00am until noon. FREE admission, giveaways and field day activities. Please RSVP via email to


    On July 1, 2017, all elements of the Health and Safety Checklist and Handbook will be in effect for child care providers who offer the School Readiness Program.

    The only exception is the active credential requirement as it relates to group size. The active credential portion of group size requirements will go into effect Oct. 25, 2018.

    Please note that it is only the active credential requirement that is not active July 1. DCF or your local licensing agency will be monitoring all other elements of group size starting July 1, 2017.

    Find the information you need to comply with all the new requirements on the health and safety page of the OEL website


    Early Childhood Investigations offers free one hour webinars on topics that can help you improve the quality of your program. Most webinars offer CEUs free of charge. Webinar topics include Social Emotional Learning, Math, Friendship, Music and more. There are many scheduled for August to help get your year off to a great start, plan now to participate and share with your classroom staff as well!

    Click here to go the Early Childhood Webinars website and register for these free, informative webinars.

    Thanks for all you do!


    In 2014, the Florida Legislature approved a special pilot project to see whether specific training approaches improve how well children do in school readiness programs. The project was approved to continue into the 2017-18 fiscal year. The project gives eligible, selected child care providers and their instructors an opportunity to earn additional compensation for improving school readiness program outcomes.

    Informational webinars have been scheduled so that providers can learn more about the project and how to participate. Please register for a webinar by clicking on one to the dates and times below:

    June 29 at 2:00PM, register here

    July 6 at 6:00PM, register here


    When computer systems go down at ELCFV we find a way stay open for business! This means that you may occasionally see an eligibility certificate that look different then what you are used to getting. ELCFV will not be issuing new certificates when this happens.

    In order to be sure a certificate is valid and a child eligible for a program, please check the portal to confirm the information you are viewing is accurate.


    ELCFV is proud to welcome two new Quality and Inclusion Specialists to the Quality Initiatives Team!

    Jennifer Dean comes to us with an abundance of experience in early learning and inclusion. Micky Beauregard brings a wealth of experience as a counselor and trainer to our team. Both are busy learning about ELCFV and the ways they can help you make your program the best, most inclusive place for young children. We look forward to you meeting them soon!

    We're also very pleased to welcome two new Quality and Compliance Specialists to the Provider Services Team!

    Ren Yeager and Kaylee Andrews have joined the team just in time to help with your 2017 - 2018 contracts. Both have been training this week and are ready to help get your School Readiness and VPK contracts processed.

    Please join us in welcoming all these new staff to our team!


    The ELCFV Deltona office is now accepting appointments for Wednesday mornings. We are sharing space with The House Next Door in the lovely and easily accessible Justin Square Plaza located right off of Enterprise Road.

    As of June 1, the ELCFV office in Palm Coast, is open by appointment only on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Families should call ELCFV at 386-323-2400 to schedule an appointment at either of these satellite offices. For information on ELCFV office hours, click here. Thanks for passing this information along to your families!


    The ELCFV Infant/Toddler web page now includes information and resources just for your Infant and Toddler teachers! You and your Infant and Toddler staff are encouraged to visit this page to learn some myths and truths about Infant and Toddler development, find out about a handy app that will help families support their children's growth and development and access fun activities to try with infants and toddlers.

    Please let us know what you think of the page by responding to the survey, there's a link at the bottom of the page. Thanks for all you do for Infants and Toddlers!


    In order to avoid a lapse in School Readiness funding, programs currently contracted to participate in the School Readiness Program must log on to the statewide provider portal to register, complete a provider profile and receive a School Readiness contract.

    If you have not yet begun this process, the time to so is NOW! If you have started the process, thank you, and please monitor the portal for important contract related messages.

    Thanks for your continued participation in the School Readiness program!

  • Screening Children with the ASQ

    As Early Childcare Practitioners you already know the significance of the work you do! Remember that part of caring for young children is making sure that they are not risk for falling behind in their development. Keeping a young child’s development on track is essential to successful future outcomes. It is important to address any developmental concerns in the early years of life so that young children can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

    The Ages and Stages Questionnaire(ASQ) screening tool is available and should be completed anytime there is concern about any young child’s development. It can be completed by the provider with parental consent and should also be completed by the parent. If there is a young child in your care that is showing developmental concerns, take the first step towards understanding how to best meet the child's needs by contacting ELCFV for early intervention services.

    Call the Quality Initiatives Warm Line at 386-323-2400 or toll free 1-877-352-0065, press 3 then 1 for Quality Initiatives/Warm Line to speak to a Quality and Inclusion Specialist.

    You can also reach out for support by completing an Inclusion Support Request Form located found here.

    Thanks for all you do to include all children in your program!


    Have you noticed a child in your center that had trouble “finding their words”? They may have got nervous or acted out when there was lots of noise in the classroom or flickering lights? Or maybe they didn’t look you in the eye during communication. These are all signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder. They are easily brushed off as a child being shy – But early diagnosis can make a huge difference in the child’s learning and social interactions. You spend a lot of time with the child during the day and sharing these Red Flags with parents and caregivers could be the first step in the process – Be a sleuth and share your observation with your Director if there are concerns.

    Visit Autism Speaks to get tips on identifying red flags, strategies for including children who may have ASD and many more resources!