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ASQ Online

Welcome to Your Guide to the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)/child screening online

Child screening is an important part of our School Readiness Services, because it:

  • Provides valuable information to your child’s teacher, so he or she can meet the needs of your child and target their activities
  • Informs you of how your child is developing for their age
  • Enables us (ELCFV) to offer your child the right amount of support

By completing the ASQ via the links below you are giving permission to screen your child. Screening services may include the following with your partnership:

  • Hearing and Vision screening
  • Developmental screening (ASQ3 below)
  • Social-Emotional screening (ASQ:SE below) to be completed if you have questions or concerns about your child’s social-emotional development or behavior
  • Referral to community agencies for further evaluation if needed; with the understanding that ELCFV will do so only after the screening results are discussed with you
  • Release of information with your child care provider and other community agencies for the purpose of coordinating intervention services
  • Observing your child in his classroom environment (upon your request only).

If you choose to not complete and/or give permission for screening services, please send an e-mail stating such. Please include a brief explanation of why you are declining screening in your e-mail. For example you may state “I am declining screening services as my child is already receiving speech, physical or other therapy.”

The links below are specially for parents/guardians and child care providers of children receiving School Readiness funding.

Please click on the appropriate link to access the requested ASQ.

Once you have clicked on an ASQ link, you will be asked for:

    • Date of birth
    • Weeks of prematurity*

*If your child is younger than 2, please enter number weeks. Otherwise, enter zero (0).

If you are completing the ASQ at home, you have the option to print the questionnaire and try each activity with your child, then return to this website within one week and enter your answers.

Please respond to all questions.

Your options are:

  • English or Spanish
  • ASQ-3 – MUST be completed
  • ASQ:SE (Social Emotional) – Optional







If you are unsure which ASQ to complete, complete both ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE or contact the following ELCFV staff for further assistance:

  • Nathalie Dunning: 386-317-3379
  • Frieda Muriello: 386-317-3384

Thank you for your valuable involvement in your child’s development.

Please click HERE for an ASQ Permission slip in English.
Please click HERE for an ASQ Permission slip in Spanish.